I love this shampoo and conditioner!..

Nicole Kockelbergh: Al Durami Glorytolad groomed with K9, I love this shampoo and conditioner!

Thank you!!!!!

Natalia Tikhonova: RAVISSANT GLORY BOUND won BIS last weekend!!!!! Groomed with K9. The photo from Groomania, also used K9. Thank you!!!!!

K9 has another success!!

Kadi-Liis Säre: K9 has another success!! Rudy BOB at “Holland Cup” in Amsterdam! Rudy’s breeder also groomed his dogs with K9 and his words were: “You can tell K9 that […]

Owner was extremely happy ..

Lindsy Otis: Here’s my success story for the day. Aloe shampoo/conditioner and then used nano mist and de matter spray to dematt while wet. Then dry and cut hair. Owner […]

For poodles…

Anders Rosell: FOR POODLES! And for those of you who use hairspray at dog shows! The Nano-mist is a very versatile product that can be used in many different ways. […]

I´m to old to try something else…

Kicki Blombacke: This little girl was BOB puppy yesterday…only 4 months “old” To young to tried something else than K9. And I´m to old to try something else…

My little movie: “I wish I could capture the shine and softness…”

Harmony Dent: I wish I could capture the shine and softness but I can capture the lack of shedding! Thank you Linda Smith for the K9 products for my poodle […]

Before and after…

Melinda Pierce: Before and after… Coat Texture Shampoo Coat Texture Spray