Marta Lorentz: Not a keratin line related post this time, but I wanted to brag It’s the end of the show/trials season for us now and I wanted to thank the K9Competitiom team for the great products that made it possible for us to continue Igor’s career both in show and obedience. This year, coming out of the T-clip and using the K9 Competition products we managed to make the mad poodle’s coat manageable – and I mean with 4 to 6 weeks baths. His coat will never be truly showy as I don’t band or wrap or use hairspray but yet, the trophees are this year’s only. Nothing fancy, mystly local shows but still, I am proud to own a dog that is a show & working dog proving to the world that the poodle is sooo much more than meets the eye! And certainly not the fru fru breed at all!