Brenda Poot: We had the pleasure of meeting Per-Erik Johansson, at the Poodle Club of America Specialty in Salisbury Maryland…in April. After much discussion about our Miniature Poodle and his chronic ear problems, we were convinced to purchase K9 Competition ear cleaner. we were reluctant as usual because we have tried every vet product, over the counter product, homemade concoction, that exits out there. We decided to wait to begin treating Shadow until we were home, just incase he had a reaction or something. We never experiment with new products at the shows….that could be a disaster. The life of a show poodle consists of many baths, and even when careful water can get in their ears. At PCA Shadow had red ears and there was so much build up he was either very sensitive near the ears you could not touch him or he was shaking his head….or worse scratching the ear. Ear hair is essential on Show poodles as we all well know. Scratching ears is forbidden. We took this product and as instructed we began treatment. Although it took almost a month we saw daily improvement in Shadow’s ears. we did not treat every day we did every other day…in order not to aggravate the ear. This dog has been chronic with ears since he came to us at 16 weeks and he is now 31/2 yrs old.
We are extremely happy to report that Shadow no longer has red ears, no longer has dark stuff and muck in his ears, his leather is healthy and clean. We will continue to use this product not just for Shadow but for all our dogs as basic maintenance. The volume of 2 drops has just amazed us….this 150ml bottle will last a very long time. I have to say if you have any dog with ear problems this bottle will be all you need. No more trips to the expensive vet to buy expensive drops. Take a chance this cleaner is under $20, you have nothing to lose. As for regular cleaning of every dog this is your product!! Thank you K9 Competition and special thanks to Per-Erik. I was able to throw out at least 20 bottles of nonsense and replace it all with this 150 ml bottle! Thank you!!!!

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