Anders Rosell:

FOR POODLES! And for those of you who use hairspray at dog shows! The Nano-mist is a very versatile product that can be used in many different ways. One of them is to break down hairspray. When traveling to dog shows with several dogs and having to bath out the hairspray afterwards – it is very time consuming if you have shown several dogs and need to be back at work after the weekend. Most of us have to!
Here are some tips how you can make life easier:
1. Use a high quality hairspray that disolves in the hair after a few hours. Preferably a hairspray which gives a dry texture to the coat. Never wet and sticky.
2. Gently brush through the coat with cold air from your dryer until the feeling of hairspray is completely gone.
3. Spray Nano-mist into the area you have used hairspray, spray the coat until it looks damp. Brush through.
4. Switch to warm (never hot!) air and dry the coat lightly. Re-band.
With this procedure you can postpone the bath until you arrive home (if you are staying in a hotel or until a few days later.You will also give the dog a break from all the time-consuming grooming. This is quicker!).
Please note! You must use (1) COLD air first or else you will reactivate the hairspray and the coat will feel sticky. (2) WARM air secondly to take the dampness away from the Nano-mist and work it into the coat. The Nano-mist will break down the rest and will protect your dogs coat from damaging and matting up.