k9crisptextshampoo300ml(web)Crisp Texture Shampoo is for wire/coarse coat type breeds.
Promotes the natural crisp feeling in the coat and adds volume. It will highlight all colors. Shampoo as often as you want whitout damaging the coat. With Aloe Vera to calm and moist the skin. Gives a fresh scent. For competition and daily use.

• For Terrier type coats!
• Adds volume!
• Optimized coat quality!

Instructions: Wash as normal shampoo and rinse. Warmer water if greasy. Can be used as it is or dilute up to 1-18.

Content: Aqua, mg laurylsulfat, cocobetain, certified aloe vera, copolymer, cocoamphodin, D-panthenol, fragrance, preservative.

300 ml  / 10.14 oz
2,7 l  / 0,71 gal
5,7 l  / 1,5 gal

pH 5,5