k9(spray)CrispMistTexturizer250ml(web)Crisp Mist Texturizer spray gives extra hold and texture to coats that needs a firmer volume and feeling.
Just spray and brush or blow dry. Antistatic, de-tangling, moisturizing and protects the coat. Makes the coat easy to brush and will not damage the hair. Brings out the natural shine. Alcohol free.

• Extreme volume!
• Outstanding texture!
• Natural shine!

Instructions: Just spray and brush or blow dry.

Content: Aqua, cetylstearat, certified aloe vera, D-panthenol, copolymer, fragrance.

250 ml  / 8,45 oz
2,7 l  / 0,71 gal
5,7 l  / 1,5 gal

pH 5,5