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58 BOB´s!

Hanne Winninge: Not only a champion but taking her 58 BOB and 10th and 11 th CPH-title in Gibraltar this weekend. As always with premium write ups regarding her coat […]


Thank you all for your contributions to March Months Photo Contest @ K9 GROOMING 2.0 on facebook! We are again overwhelmed over all cool, funny and beautiful pictures that you´ve […]

Another Chp title for K9

Hanne Winninge Fd Högberg: Another Chptitle for K9 products. Luxembourg champion for my miniture bullterriergirl! Superclean all natural, no chalk, no whiteners nothing but healthy shine clean coat!!! And I […]

Styled by K9

PICTURE FOR MARCH PHOTO CONTEST @ K9 Competition grooming 2.0 ON FACEBOOK – GO AHEAD AND JOIN TO WIN PRICES! Hanne Winninge Fd Högberg: Groomed and styled by K9, last […]

K9-dog goes Best Terrier

Hanne Winninge Fd Högberg: –Bulliebompa’s Gill Sans goes best Terrier at Alicante International!

Making breed history

Hanne Winninge Fd Högberg: – SEV-11 WW-11 Bulliebompas Gill Sans making breed history winning the Terrier group as the first miniature bullterrier ever. As always groomed only in K9-products for […]

This is the best shampoo series ever!

Hanne Winninge Fd Högberg: – This is the best shampoo series ever! I have used K9 for the last 4 seasons and can’t just get enough of it. This series […]