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Nano Mist is fantastic

Jamie Masterman, UK: Nano Mist is fantastic, great for matts and tangles or just as a normal grooming spray!

I am so pleased

Nicole Kockelbergh: – I just started to use the K9 shampoo and conditioner Aloe Vera on my afghans and I am so pleased with it. The coat is so nice […]

So much less static

Amy Kruser Mero: ‘‘I tried the shampoo & conditioner on my show bitch last night. She has a VERY fine coat & cannot use any heavy on her. I diluted […]

I really love K9

Jonny Björklund: – I was happy with the outcome when I bathed the dogs 5-6 times, it gave the dogs a real shine and they became more easy to brush. […]

THANKS for the K9 products!

Ewa Backman, Azmindah´s Afghanhounds: ‘‘Right now I have a dog who is dropping some coat after her season, and I only can say: THANKS for the K9 products! It makes […]

I have never had anything like this before

Fee Brook: “I have used K9 for many months on Poodles and American Cockers, I still say the results get better and better with each use, my dogs coats gleam […]

No tangles!

Patti Jason wrote: “So far so good. I have tried it on puppies as well as an adult mini in coat, as well as a client’s std. with a soft […]