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Lovely afghan hound groomed with K9

Kadi-Liis Säre: Lovely Afghan hound groomed with Aloe Vera shampoo, Coat Cure and Nano Mist. I simply love this dog!!

You can imagine het satisfaction…

Kadi-Liis Säre: Another complete make over – young samoyed living otside 24/7. The coat was severely matted in her trousers and extreemli dirty and matted also on her neck, very […]

K9 have done wonders…

Carol Edholm: I have for a long time had problems with the coats on my white Standard Poodles. They have been extremely dry, and the neckcoat has been broken and […]

I have a new favourite!..

Jenny Wikstedt: I have a new favourite! After Kate had her puppies her fur looked dead. She had no undercoat left and her topcoat looked dusty grey instead of shiny […]

Coat Cure made my day!

Ewa Backman, Azmindah’s Afghanhounds: Wow! Intensive Coat Cure Made My Day! Easy to use, smells great, coat texture just shine!!! I Can Happily recommend it for you! Thank you K9 […]

Extreme makeover

Kadi-Liis Säre: Extreme makeover Pyrenean Mastif edition: Heavily matted ruf, back and trousers. Trousers also extremly dry. Started dematting with strong Nano Mist/Silk Shine mix. Washed with Strip Off and […]

I will worship Coat Cure :D

Kadi-Liis Säre: Today I tried Coat Cure on a samoyed who had damaged and very dry coat in her “trousers” – the coat was so crispy dry I even didn’t […]

How did I manage without Coat Cure before… ♥

Kadi-Liis Säre: Today I had an Extreme Makeover Samoyed edition. His coat was very very dry, full of cotton-like unbrushable undercoat and very dirty. After blowing out all the loose […]