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K9 makes a difference!

Hondentrimsalon Vanity Fair-Son En Breugel: K9 makes a difference!! Look at the two pictures after grooming. Samojeed (12 years old) First picture (before). Second picture (after) without K9. Third picture WITH […]

Successful makeover…

Kadi-Liis Säre: Another successful make over! This Westie mix Roosi is 9 years old, very pleasant and sweet character, just like her owner. The owner was unable to take care […]

You can imagine het satisfaction…

Kadi-Liis Säre: Another complete make over – young samoyed living otside 24/7. The coat was severely matted in her trousers and extreemli dirty and matted also on her neck, very […]

The colour came out brighter…

Daniela Risdan: Would like to share before/after pictures….I used Strip Off as the first shampoo, Aloe Vera as second, then I put a lot of conditioner and for the final […]

Owner loved the result! :)

Kadi-Liis Säre: This Briard has been groomed all his life with other brand of products and the owner is quite sceptic about anything else. I persuaded her just to let […]

Another happy customer – before/after

Kadi-Liis Säre: This is another happy customer – 11 years old husky. His coat was all loose and very, very dry (after pre-bath cleaning the entire grooming room was full […]

My latest addition

Jonny Björklund: My latest addition in my K9 pack. First Strip Off and then K9 Shampoo & Conditioner. Do i have to say it??.. I´m just as happy now as […]

Big 1!

Ruslana Dobrovolskaya: K9 Crisp Texturizer Shampoo + K9 Crisp Texturizing Mist Spray = BIG 1!