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Kat Aloe Vera Shampoo is a natural, mild and 

economical shampoo. It has a calming effect on sensitive skin and scalps. Does not cause skin irritation. It adds nourishment, perfect moisture balance and optimized coat quality. It is detangling, timesaving and make coats dry quickly. Suitable for all types of cats, pets, coats, breeds and is equally suited for competition as daily use. 

Instructions: Massage thoroughly and rinse. Dry skin/ coat = cool water. Greasy skin/fur = warmer. Repeat the treatment when needed. For optimal results, finish with KAT CONDITIONER.
Can be diluted up to1:20.

Content: Aqua, mglauryl sulfat, cocobetain, ce rtifiedal oe vera, cocoamph odin,D-panthenol, wheatprotei n,xylishine fragrance, preservative. 

100 ml  / 10.14 oz

pH 4,5

K9_Kat_Conditioner (kopia) copy.png

KAT Aloe Vera Conditioner is softening and 

extremely conditioning. It gives the coat beautiful luster and makes it easy to detangle. It optimizes volume and moisture balance. It makes the coat dry quickly with anti-static effect. Suitable for all type of coats that you wish to be soft. 

Instructions: Wash first with KAT Shampoo. Divide the conditioner in a semi-dry or wet coat and massage gently. Leave on for a while, then rinse out. Dry skin/coat = cool water. Greasy skin/coat = warmer. Repeat the treatment when needed.
Dilutable up to 1:40. 


Content: Aqua, steramidop ropyl lactate,certified aloev era, weatgermanidopropyllactate, D-pan thenol,w hea tprotein, xylishine, fragrance, preservative. 

100 ml  / 3,38 oz

pH 4,5

Conditioner (kopia) copy.PNG

Kat Aloe Vera Conditioner Spray is a leave-in conditioner with quick antistatic effect and powerful detangling properties. 

It makes the coat easier to brush and providing great volume and structure. Preventing tangling and wear, resulting in a more managable coat. The tiny microscopic B5 Nano-liposomes penetrates the scales of the hair shaft, allowing 

that extra top finish. Fragrance free and suitable for all coats. 

Instructions: Spray onto dry or damp coat to facilitate and protect when brushing. Spray directly on knots and massage in when detangling. 

Content: Aqua, certified aloe vera, germamidopropyl lactate, hydrolyzed wheat protein, steramidopropyl morpholine 

lactate, D-panthenol, nano-liposomes & potassium sorbate 

100 ml  / 3,38 oz

pH 4,5

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