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Download Premier League Kits Rar

6. Open the pack you've downloaded, and extract the files so that they're saved in the above folder. So if you're installing kits, make sure the extracted files are saved to the 'Kits' folder, for example. The folder path you'll see is: Your PC > Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2023 > Graphics > Kits (or Logos, depending on which one you're installing).

Download premier League Kits rar


The current download features three files, one for competitions, one for club names and one for stadiums and other fixes. It makes leagues, competitions and cups 100% authentic in Football Manager 2023.

The link below contains a megapack that features player faces and hundreds of in-game managers and staff that are not included in the base game. As with the badges, kits, and logos, the downloaded folder will need to be placed into your Graphics folder. 041b061a72


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