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Another good chocolatier I wanted to share is Stick with me bakery. A box of 6 pieces of chocolate bonbons is $25 ($4.2 each!) and shipping is $30. Total is $55 for 6 bonbons to your door.. that is too expensive.



At SUGOi Sweets, we love making bonbons and we hope you love eating them. We use the finest chocolates and ingredients in our bonbons to make each flavor special. A box of bonbons should be a journey and we plan our boxes to contain an assortment of bonbon flavors, each with their own story and flavor profile. Enjoy each and find your favorites along the way!

A bonbon is asweet or small confection, especially a small ball coated in chocolate. Theword originated from the French language and simply means "candy",where the first reports of bonbons come from the 17th century, when they weremade at the French royal court.

What is the difference betweena bonbon and a truffle? A bon bon is a molded chocolate shell withcreamy ganache center and a Truffle is a rolled piece of ganache dusted withcocoa powder or nuts for example.

To create this seven-piece bonbon set, we cut Seed + Mill halva into squares; layer them over creamy, mellow 70% Tumaco, Colombia chocolate-cardamom ganache; then enrobe the cubes in our classically chocolatey 70% House Blend chocolate. Each bite progresses through smooth, flaky, and sweet: Sesame melts in the mouth, and cardamom notes in the velvety ganache unite nutty and chocolatey flavors. 041b061a72


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