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The Department recognizes that DOT has its own independent regulatory responsibilities under subtitle B of title II of the ADA. To the extent that the public transportation services, programs, and activities of public entities are covered by subtitle B of title II of the ADA, they are subject to the DOT regulations at 49 CFR parts 37 and 39. Matters covered by subtitle A are covered by this rule. However, this rule should not be read to prohibit DOT from elaborating on the provisions of this rule in its own ADA rules in the specific regulatory contexts for which it is responsible, after appropriate consultation with the Department. For example, DOT may issue such specific provisions with respect to the use of non-traditional mobility devices, e.g., Segways, on any transportation vehicle subject to subtitle B. While DOT may establish transportation-specific requirements that are more stringent or expansive than those set forth in this rule, any such requirements cannot reduce the protections and requirements set forth in this rule.

subtitle The Ring [Duology].The.Ring.and The.Ri...



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