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Teenage Yakuza

Low-key oddness: Teenage Yakuza unfolds in the attack-counterattack rhythm of your typical Kinji Fukasaku film, except that everyone's a teenager and nobody ever dies. Jiro, an ordinary high school student with his sights set on attending university, also happens to be really good at fighting. He's so good, in fact, that he ends up conscripted by many of his rural community's businesses into serving as a bodyguard against local ruffians. After an arrest dashes his academic ambitions, he finds himself torn between officially becoming yakuza or ignoring the plight of his neighbours. Meanwhile, an old friend joins the gang, his reputation ruins his family's coffee business, and a teenager searches for her idol. Along the way, there's plenty of Seijun Suzuki flourishes: A sudden death fades into an odd obituary, multiple characters suffer from (metaphorical?) limps, and there's a half-second cut to a woman cackling while playing pachinko that's going to stick with me for days.

Teenage Yakuza

A by-the-book youth oriented yakuza pic. A high school student who gets involved in a scuffle at a neighborhood shopping mall. When the smoke clears, the police discover he has actually apprehended a notorious mobster. The community takes a collection and hires the boy as a security guard.

There you have it! Five comprehensive ways to solve your teenage identity crisis, courtesy of Yakuza series creator and youth development specialist Toshihiro Nagoshi. If you liked this roundup, be sure to check our other listicles, including Top 5 Fuckable Sonic Characters.

At age fifteen, after abandoning his failing academic career and mundane life at home, Ijichi beings working with his uncle at a coal depot. After one year passes, young Eiji begins to gravitate towards the dazzling light of organized crime and gambling. His boyish youth hardening, he welcomes the newfound life of the yakuza, a member of a traditional organized crime syndicate in Japan.

Japan is a destination, source, and transit country for men and women subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking, and for children subjected to sex trafficking. Male and female migrant workers from China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Poland, and other Asian countries are sometimes subject to conditions of forced labor in Japan. Some women and children from East Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, and, in previous years, Russia and Central America, who travel to Japan for employment or fraudulent marriage are forced into prostitution upon arrival. During the reporting period, Japanese nationals, particularly teenage girls and foreign-born children of Japanese citizens who acquired nationality, were also subjected to sex trafficking. In addition, traffickers continued to use fraudulent marriages between foreign women and Japanese men to facilitate the entry of these women into Japan for forced prostitution. Japanese organized crime syndicates (the Yakuza) are responsible for some trafficking in Japan, both directly and indirectly. In recent years, the emergence of small-scale traffickers, mainly Japanese nationals, has been reported. Traffickers strictly control the movement of victims, using debt bondage, threats of violence or deportation, blackmail, and other coercive psychological methods to control victims. Victims of forced prostitution sometimes face debts upon commencement of their contracts, and most are required to pay employers additional fees for living expenses, medical care, and other necessities, leaving them predisposed to debt bondage. "Fines" for misbehavior are added to victims' original debt, and the process brothel operators use to calculate these debts was not transparent. The phenomenon of enjo kosai, also known as "compensated dating," continues to facilitate the prostitution of Japanese children. NGOs report that sophisticated and organized networks target vulnerable Japanese women and girls by creating a false sense of intimacy to introduce them into prostitution. Japan is also a transit country for persons in trafficking situations traveling from East Asia to North America. Japanese men continue to be a significant source of demand for child sex tourism in Southeast Asia and, to a lesser extent, Mongolia.

As a high school misfit on a class trip, your mission is clear:claim your territory, beat the crud out of anyone who saysotherwise, and make a name for yourself as the most dangerous, mostintimidating, most lethal teenage miscreant loose on the streets ofan unfortunate Japanese city. Fights are mostly what you'd expectfrom such a premise, meaning they are filled with extreme, wantonviolence and deft fist-foot-forehead management. Oh, and lasersshooting from your eyes. 041b061a72


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