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Prime Video: Bodyguard

one of the scariest scenes in the movie is when army of cannibals attack an american convoy along jungle roads. the movie then takes you to the village where they attack the convoy and devour the sleeping soldiers.

bodyguard hindi movie video download

the title for the movie was one of the five potential titles with which the movie's backers chose and the producers were forced to settle for. aaliya gives a warm welcome to aaliya in the film. the movie is interesting in its sheer intensity.

exhibitor notifies that when you act in a romantic comedy that he understands the kind of audience you are going for, however that doesnt mean you have to throw away all sense of fashion in the process. in bodyguard, as ranjan mhatre stands up for himself, he wears lace-up 4-in-hand-tie oxfords and a crisp trouser ensemble. as far as men are concerned, fashion doesnt even come into picture. but as one character says, you cant escape the wardrobe of the time and place you live in.

ashu ghai: you know, for somebody who makes the hindi movies of today, he makes his movies in the 80s style, the action movies where you see one sex scene after another. he doesnt make the kind of films that make you want to go out and watch them, that make you want to watch them again and again. you see bodyguards go into bar and theyre standing in a corner, you know, waiting for someone to go in. you dont even know who theyre waiting for. when they come out of the bar, theyre always looking like theyve done something to their face. people are taking their beauty seriously. i love his movies. theyre different from our movies. and theyre not meant to make you think like a twirler; youve got to think very seriously.


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