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Buy Coca Cola Mini Fridge

Keep your favorite soda chilled and ready to drink in this Coca-Cola-themed mini fridge!This unique 5.4L (5.7 qt) portable cooler with eye-catching Coke can design, removable shelf, and vibrant red finish holds 8 standard soft drink cans and is the perfect accessory for your home, office, or dorm room. Efficient iceless thermoelectric technology cools to 32F (18C) below the surrounding temperature and it comes with both AC and 12V DC power cords for use at home or on the go.Tips for Best Use- For quickest cooling, pre-chill items before placing in mini-fridge- Provide at least 3 inches clearance behind the fridge and ensure fan is not blocked for most effective operation- Minimize opening and closing and ensure door is closed properly- Lowest possible temperature depends on the surrounding temperature- To avoid draining your vehicle's battery when using 12V mode, only run cooler when the engine is on

buy coca cola mini fridge

A conventional refrigeration compressor system cools the Husky, so it has the familiar low humming noise when running. The sound was, however, intermittent and only when the compressor kicked. Even then, it was barely discernible and much less noticable than some of the other mini fridges we tested.

Each student who brings two empty cans or bottles to the event will be added to a drawing to win prizes like a Coca-Cola prize pack, a Coca-Cola cooler, a mini fridge, a Coca-Cola couch, a bicycle and Visa gift card up to $150. 041b061a72


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