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The Benefits of Using WinOLS Checksum Dll for Car Tuning

winols stores all your data in a database in order to guarantee a perfect operation of all the features and functions. every single step is saveable, so your history is always available in case of system crashes or malfunctions.

Winols Checksum Dll

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the winols database has a helpful and easy to use navigation in a multi-level structure. all functions can be downloaded as plugins, which can be activated by clicking on the corresponding button in the navigation bar.

the database editor in winols offers a lot of features such as a simple find-and-replace function, a copy-and-paste function and the option to copy individual settings to other projects. the database editor also offers the option to divide the database in specific folders or even to filter them. every feature in the database editor is simple to use, so you will find it super easy to handle your projects in winols.

winols offers a powerful graphic user interface for your projects. you can select any settings and click on the button to start the desired function. you also can use the settings in a very intuitive way. to do so, you will only have to change the respective button of the settings and you will instantly see the effect.

every project can have its own separate settings. furthermore, you can set settings to be active for one or all projects. if a function of winols is not available for one of your projects, you will receive a suitable error message.

in addition to the adjustment of engine parameters, winols offers the ability to map all functions of the car into a log file. in case of trouble, you will find all data in the log file, so you can easily diagnose the problem.


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