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[S3E6] The Legion Of Evil; The Price Of Love

Eerie sights and sounds began to fill the cabin as the demons toyed with Ash's mind in the hopes to break him. The recently deceased Linda arose from her shallow grave, laughing and dancing in the moonlight before entering the cottage itself. Falling directly into the lap of her lover, Linda's severed head bit Ash's right hand, infecting it with evil. After ridding himself of Linda for good, Williams forced to deal with the creeping infection in his appendage after it began to attack and move on it's own by lopping it off at the wrist.

[S3E6] The Legion of Evil; The Price of Love

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During this time, Ash would be reunited with many figures from his past, including his old girlfriend Linda Bates (now married to Sheriff Thomas Emery, a former target of Ash's bullying during their youth),[4] his best friend Chet Kaminski,[3] and even his estranged father Brock. Like most most people who are close to Ash, these loved-ones began to pay the price when the forces of evil were unleashed upon the town. Having mended his relationship with his father (who now believed Ash to be a hero after saving him from a Deadite), Brock would die on the streets of Elk Grove after getting run over by the possessed Oldsmobile,[3] and Chet Kaminski would meet his end by the hand of a Deadite double of the late Cheryl Williams after Ash refused to shoot her and risk hurting Kaminski.[16]

Decades passed, and Ash awoke from his slumber inside a strange coffin-like stasis chamber in an empty white room. Adding to the confusion of his current situation, Williams was surprised to see that a new android hand virtually identical to one of flesh and blood was now on his stumped arm. Ash opened the vault-like door of the chamber, only to be greeted by an android woman named Lexx. Leading "The Savior" into a large garage, the android revealed that in the aftermath of Kandar's attack, the world had turned into an apocalyptic wasteland ruled by The Dark Ones. Given a new set of clothes and reuniting him with his beloved Oldsmobile (now outfitted with a jet engine and machine gun), Ash drove into the sunset to continue taking on the forces of evil.[27] 041b061a72


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