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Iso 19902 Pdf Free !!TOP!! Download

API Recommended Practices for the design and operation of GoM platforms have evolved in recent years due to the impact of large hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. This evolution of the API offshore practice is based primarily on work performed by the API HEAT Committee, interim API guidelines (e.g., API 2INT-EX), results from updated technology, and the ultimate harmonization of API RP 2A and ISO 19902. This paper summarizes the latest version of the proposed API RP 2SIM (Structural Integrity Management) and clarifies the intent and basis for the proposed revisions to previous draft versions of API RP 2SIM.

iso 19902 pdf free download

API RP 2SIM (RP2SIM) has been the subject of recent papers that clearly explain its overall intent, philosophy, and link to international and existing API practices. In summary, SIM (Structural Integrity Management) is a rational framework for evaluating the integrity of a structure through its entire life cycle. SIM was first incorporated into international practice in the mid-1990s in Draft E of ISO 19902. ISO 19902 was officially published in 2007.

Methods: We applied the PHR-based health observation app within an active epidemiological investigation conducted by Wakayama City Public Health Center. At the public health center, a list is made of individuals who have been in close contact with known infected cases (health observers). Email addresses are used by the app when a health observer sends data to the public health center. Each health observer downloads the app and installs it on their smartphone. Self-observed health data are entered daily into the app. These data are then sent via the app by email at a designated time. Localized epidemiological officers can visualize the collected data using a spreadsheet macro and, thus, monitor the health condition of all health observers.

Results: We used the app as part of an active epidemiological investigation executed at a public health center. During the investigation, 72 close contacts were discovered. Among them, 57 had adopted the use of the health observation app. Before the introduction of the app, all health observers would have been interviewed by telephone, a slow process that took four epidemiological officers more than 2 hours. After the introduction of the app, a single epidemiological officer can carry out health observations. The app was distributed for free beginning in early March, and by mid-May, it had been used by more than 20,280 users and 400 facilities and organizations across Japan. Currently, health observation of COVID-19 is socially recognized and has become one of the requirements for resuming social activities.

Yamamoto K, Takahashi T, Urasaki M, Nagayasu Y, Shimamoto T, Tateyama Y, Matsuzaki K, Kobayashi D, Kubo S, Mito S, Abe T, Matsuura H, Iwami T Health Observation App for COVID-19 Symptom Tracking Integrated With Personal Health Records: Proof of Concept and Practical Use Study JMIR Mhealth Uhealth 2020;8(7):e19902 doi: 10.2196/19902 PMID: 32568728 PMCID: 7340163


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