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Smell off is a odor eliminating cleaning spray that quickly and effectively neutralizes and absorbs undesired smells from dog beds, blankets, litter boxes, kennel rooms, carpets, sofas, shoes, sport ware and other unpleasant odors caused by animals or people.

How to: Spray rich on the spot where odors arose and leave. Repeat the treatment if necessary and wipe off with dry cloth.

Content: Aqua, zinkabsorbnoleat, nonionic surfactants, benzylammoniumclorid, perfume.

16,9 oz
500 ml

ECO POWER WASH is an odor removal natural detergent for sportswear, artificial fibers, horse covers, blankets, dog beds, bags, etc. Excellent for sensitive skin. Eliminates bad odor “fiber-deep” and provides clean and fresh clothes by effectively breaking down the odor molecules. Excellent for all clothes. No need for rinse aid.

Washing temperature: 30°–60° and 30° hand wash. Dosage 0.5 dl/wash. Works on all materials, including wool. Can also be used in saltwater.

Specifications: BIOLOGICAL EASY BREAKDOWN / NATURAL, PHOSPHATE-FREE. Plastic bottle recyclable plastic (PE)

Content: Nonionic surfactants 15–30%, complexing agent < 3 %, perfume <0.2%, <0.1%, preservative: Methylchloroisothiazolinone & methylisothiazolinone.



Vi erbjuder unika schampoo för hund, katt och häst. Vi är ledande inom pälsvård för tävlingshund.

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