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K9 Competition Intensive Aloe Vera Coat Cure
with powerful Vitamin/Protein/Keratin Complex increases the level of moisture, repair 
and control that damage and ragged coats needs. With K9 Intensive Coat Cure you will get a sleek, easy maintained and transformed coat with luscious shine. Super-rich, deep conditioning mask intensely moisturizes while helping control and repair extremely dense and dry coat. Instantly detangles and improves combability so the coat resists breakage.

Provides Aloe Vera, B5 Vitamin, Wheat protein and Keratin for a smoothing control and internal strength. Coat texture is transformed with increased manageability, shine and colour. Can be used on a regular basis or weekly as an intensive treatment.

After shampooing, apply & comb through coat. Leave in for 5-15 min. Rinse w/ lukewarm water.


Content : Aqua, Cetaryl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Steralkonium Chloride, D-Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Wheat protein, Sodium PCA, Xylishine, Aloe Vera, Parfume, Presevative.


500 ml /16,9 oz
2L / 67,63 oz

pH 3,5







An extra gentle dandruff shampoo for both long and short-haired breeds. Prevents dryness, dandruff, scaling and itching. Contains frankincense oil, vitamin B5 (D-Panthenol) and silk protein, to bring out the best in the coat. Nourishing, conditioning, protective, strengthening, fast drying and provides a lovely natural glow. Finish with K9 Conditioner for best results. Dilutable up to 1-10.


ContentAqua, mg laurysulfat, cocoamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, hydrolyzed silk protein, d-panthenol, peg-4 rapeseedamide, zinkpyrelidon, boswellia sacra oil (frankincense oil), fragrance, preservative.


5,5 PH

300 ML
10,14 FL OZ


Vi erbjuder unika schampoo för hund, katt och häst. Vi är ledande inom pälsvård för tävlingshund.

K9 Competition Paw`n´Nose Balm is a natural revitalizing balm for dry cracked paws and dry noses. Restores moisture balance, is soothing and protective. Can also be used on other irritated and dry skin areas. Economical in use and smudge-free. Petroleum-free!

Content: Aqua, shea butter,  propylene glycol, lanolin acetate, cetearyl alcohol, D-panthenol (vitamin B5), Hydrolyzed keratin, D-biotin, Lavandula Angustifolia, Kunzea Ambigua Branch Leaf/Twig Oil, preservative.

pH 5

50ml/ 1,69 oz



A gentle and effective way to clean your animal’s ears. Dissolves smelly vax. Also works great as a preventive measure. Alcohol-free. Essential oil-free. In case of severe irritation, seek advice from your vet.

• No Alcohol
• For sensitive ears
• Suitable for all pets


Instructions: Dispense 1-2 drops of Ear Cleanser into each ear. Massage outside of ear for 30 seconds to distribute liquid uniformly. Your animal will shake the head, causing any impurities to come out. Just wipe gently.


Content: Aqua, polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol, glycerine, aloe vera, D-panthenol, salicylic acide, fragrance & preservative.

150 ml / 5.07 fl oz

pH 4,5


Wound Aid is an antibacterial ointment with healing properties to be applied on cuts, scrapes, chafes, dry cracks and many other kinds of injuries and skin irritations. It has an excellent antibacterial property that helps with the healing process of both infected and uninfected cuts. It can be applied all over the animal, including directly onto all kinds of skin problems and irritations. Wound Aid hydrates, moisturises and protects the skin and fur, whilst providing additional vitamins. The main active ingredients are Shea butter, Allantoin, B5 vitamin and Kunzea oil.

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K9 Paw.jpg

K9 Paw Solution effectively eliminates  fungal infections and bacterias such as ringworm, mud feer and other infections on paws and other affected areas on all types of animals. With the surfactant properties, aloe vera and vitamin B5 it cleanses without causing the skin or coat to dry out.


Use K9 Paw Solution twice a day until the skin problem has healed. Use K9 Paw n` Nose balm once a day for best result

100 ml

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